Abbeyleix Tidy Towns is developing Abbeyleix as a smart village with deployment of smart sensors based on Internet Of Things (IoT) technology. To help us on this we are teaming up with UCD (WeCOunt Project), Makeport Makerspace in Portarlington and TOG Makerspace in Dublin.

Realtime Traffic Monitoring

Click on the image to load the sensor data for the Telraam traffic sensor in Knocknamoe House. This is a European pilot project that enables citizens to initiate a policy-making process with fully automated measurement data in the field of mobility and air quality.

Realtime air quality monitoring

Click here to access the world sensor community map. This sensor is measuring air particulates using a home made sensor.

Realtime weather monitoring

This is our smart weather station in Knockname house which is measuring temperature, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, air pressure and UK index. The data output is here: Note that the station is running only on a solar panel at the moment which means that it only collecting data during daylight hours. We need to get up a ladder and replace the battery pack!!

Wanna learn more about Making & Hacking

Jeffrey Roe, from Dublin makespace is running an online make workshop on Sat Feb 27th to show you how to make and install a sensor that can measure air quality in your neighbourhood. We have 8 spaces available for this workshop and we'd like you to tell us why you should have one of them. If you get selected, you will be given the equipment and tools neeoded to make your own sensor.

Use the online form to send us you details - and get in touch also if you want get more involved in all things sensors generally.