Get Involved

Getting involved is easy. The beauty of the AbbeyleixTidy Towns initiative is that it is up to you to decide how much time you can give. It might simply be a decision to tidy around your own house, organise a clean up of your neighbourhood with your neighbours or set up a residents committee. There are also many scheduled clean up days you can take part in as well as competitions to enter.

Additionally there are numerous innovative project on the go that you might like to find out more about. For example:

Abbeyleix Bog Project

Comunity Garden Group

St Michael's Allotment Group

Grow it yourself (GIY) Project

Community Oven Group

South School Green Schools Programme including Outdoor Classroom

South School Green Schools Programme including Outdoor Classroom

Abbeyleix Sustainable Energy Community Project

Applefest Festival Group

And many more......

We are always looking for volunteers and welcome new members to our committee. The choice is yours.

10 little steps to make a difference

  • Remove any litter around your home, surrounding area.
  • Treat any weeds growing on street curbs.
  • Brighten up your house with window boxes / hanging baskets
  • Freshen up any paintwork that needs attending to.
  • Try to keep your grass cut on a regular basis.
  • Help out any senior neighbours with their garden.
  • Organise a clean up day with your neighbours.
  • Get the children involved as example is powerful.
  • Try to recycle as much as possible
  • Make it fun and social and enjoy yourself!