The Return Of The Red Grouse

Post date: May 19, 2011 9:36:36 AM

Many reasons have been put forward on the demise of the Red Grouse, loss of heather due to overgrazing,creation of new Conifer Plantations and wide spread diseases caused their demise from Abbeyleix bog and woodland. A progress report on The Decline of The Red Grouse spanning 10 years was carried out by PJ O'Hare in 1959

Early records from Abbey-Leix Estate show the Red Grouse was in plentiful supply . A diary entry noted 300 grouse were shot in one day .

Their is a healthy population of Red Grouse in The Slieve Blooms.

Abbeyleix may see the return of The Red Grouse . Their is natural Heather Habitat in Abbeyleix Bor The project would be funded by The EU throught the Grouse Council Of Ireland .If you would like to see a display of Grouse a visit to the Flyfishing Fishing Musem in Attanagh would be well worthwhile Walter will be only to happy to give you the grand tour