Why Are Bees Disappearing

Post date: May 30, 2012 1:53:02 PM

Biodiversity is under threat in many parts of the world .Concern about global biodiversity loss has emerged as a prominent and widespread public issue.

The United Nations has directed that we should undertake activities to raise an awareness of the importance of conserving biodiversity and how we all have a vital role to play

Biodiversity means “the variety of life on earth”

Abbeyleix Tidy Towns through communication and engagement with the children from Scoil Mhuire undertook a beehive project to create awareness about the decrease in the bee population in the United States and Europe since 2008.

The project was part of the National Tidy Towns Competition to encourage schools to be creative and imaginative in recycling aluminium cans.

The Project leader was Hilary Kelly. The children from 5th class spend over 12 hours constructing the hive using hundreds of cans and in the process were made aware of the importance of bees in all our lives

Many reasons have been given for the decline in the bee population including a parasite that is weakening their immune system.

Scientists are hopeful that a pesticide will be developed that will be safe to humans and the environment.

We depend on bees to pollinate almost half of the fruit and vegetables we eat.

If bees disappear from the surface of the earth we would have no more pollination so life on earth would be no more.

We all have a part to play in recognising the importance of biodiversity conservation.